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Student Government

The Lord has given gifts of leadership to many. Participation and involvement allow those students who feel called to leadership roles to develop these gifts.

The student body government:

  • Provides for student activities.
  • Serves as a training experience for student leaders.
  • Promotes the common good for all students.
  • Gives students a share in the management of the school.
  • Develops high ideals of personal conduct and Godly character.
  • Seeks to interest students in school affairs.

Officers of the student body government are the representatives for the students and are the direct link to the school administration. 


TKA 2021-2022 Student Leadership


  • President: Leah Moya-Mendez
  • Vice-President: Ruth Almers
  • Secretary: Maddi Gipko
  • Treasurer: Carter Fox
  • Chaplain: Sydney Frazier


Class officers provide leadership for individual classes.

These student leaders:

  • Organize and lead homecoming activities during Spirit Week
  • Junior class officers plan Jr/Sr Prom
  • Junior class officers plan and lead the Junior Ring Ceremony
  • Senior class officers plan the Senior Trip
  • Senior class officers organize Senior Trip fundraisers

2020-2021 Senior Class Officers


  • President: Trotter Scearce
  • Vice-President: TJ Merritts 
  • Secretary: Elsie Padgett  
  • Treasurer: Hailey Williams 
  • Chaplain: Drayton Howle 

2020-2021 Junior Class Officers


  • President: Lia Vargas 
  • Vice-President: Baylee Cannon 
  • Secretary: Maddie Rholetter
  • Treasurer: Kelsey Kirby  
  • Chaplain: PJ Causey  

2020-2021 Sophomore Class Officers


  • President: Maddie Gipko 
  • Vice-President: Meredith Hoover 
  • Secretary: Sydney Frazier
  • Treasurer: Abby Grace Parnell 
  • Chaplain: 


2020-2021 Freshman Class Officers


  • President: Grant Beaton 
  • Vice-President: Will Turner 
  • Secretary: Caleb Klucharich 
  • Treasurer: Elliot Elder 
  • Chaplain: Trey Mills