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  Name Title
Mandy Bass Bass, Mandy Teacher
Shay Benthall Benthall, Shay Teacher Assistant
Susie Bokelman Bokelman, Susie Director of Finance & Human Resources
Shelly Bowlus Bowlus, Shelly Administrative Assistant
Adrienne Carter Carter, Adrienne Teacher
Ashley Collins Collins, Ashley Teacher Assistant
Shandi Cox Cox, Shandi Teacher Assistant
Chasity Davidson Davidson, Chasity Teacher
Josh Davidson Davidson, Josh Teacher
Julia Federwitz Federwitz, Julia Teacher
Bob Graham Graham, Bob
Karen Graham Graham, Karen Director of Admissions & College Counseling
Laura Graham Graham, Laura Teacher
Becky Harrill Harrill, Becky Librarian
Kate Helms Helms, Kate Discovery Director
Sandy Hill Hill, Sandy Teacher/Academic Affairs
Douglas Holzapfel Holzapfel, Douglas
Karen Hoogenboom Hoogenboom, Karen Educational Therapist
Jennifer Hoover Hoover, Jennifer Director of Institutional Advancement
Christopher Hutchinson Hutchinson, Christopher
Debbie Isgett Isgett, Debbie Teacher Assistant
Elijah Johnson Johnson, Elijah Facilities Coordinator
Angela Kemmerlin Kemmerlin, Angela Teacher Assistant
Lischen Kerr Kerr, Lischen Educational Therapist
Angela Kgosana Kgosana, Angela Teacher
Dianna Koele Koele, Dianna Teacher
Betty Leviner Leviner, Betty Spiritual Life Director/Teacher
Jon Lovell Lovell, Jon Educational Therapist
Kelli Lovell Lovell, Kelli Music Teacher
Greer Marett Marett, Greer Teacher
Fran Matthews Matthews, Fran Teacher/Elementary Director
Linda Miele Miele, Linda Sub Coordinator/Lunchroom
Monica Milling Milling, Monica Teacher
Candace Moreau Moreau, Candace
Tammy Moreau Moreau, Tammy Teacher
Bethany Mork Mork, Bethany Teacher
Rebecca Nash Nash, Rebecca Teacher
Heidi Newton Newton, Heidi Assistant Director of Finance & Human Resources
Tina Outlaw Outlaw, Tina Teacher Assistant
Cathy Parnell Parnell, Cathy School Nurse
Lisa Pitsley Pitsley, Lisa Sub nurse
Jackson Potterfield Potterfield, Jackson Teacher
Jeffrey Prussia Prussia, Jeffrey Teacher
Kristen Prussia Prussia, Kristen Teacher
Linda Randall Randall, Linda Teacher
Venitia Reebel Reebel, Venitia Teacher
Bethany Ritter Ritter, Bethany
Bethany Ritter Ritter, Bethany Teacher
Mary Ritter Ritter, Mary Teacher
Lilda RockWiley RockWiley, Lilda Educational Therapist
Keith Rogers Rogers, Keith Athletic Director
Rebecca Snider Snider, Rebecca Teacher
Miranda Tarlton Tarlton, Miranda Teacher
Angela Turner Turner, Angela Teacher
Rob Van Ness Van Ness, Rob Head of School
Christina Wallace Wallace, Christina Teacher
Kimberly Williams Williams, Kimberly Teacher Assistant