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Enrollment Process


How do I enroll my student at The King's Academy?



To apply for admission, please visit the Admission Portal. You will need to submit a copy of the following: report cards for the past two years, standardized test scores, birth certificate, immunization record and social security card (if applicable – legal guardianship/custody documents, special education testing reports). All documents may be uploaded through the Application Portal.  The $150 Application Fee must also accompany each application. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Referral documents are built into the Online Admissions Packet. There is a Pastoral Reference for all students applying to TKA. In addition to the Pastoral Reference, Middle and High School Students are required to submit references from an English Instructor, Math Instructor and School Administrator. These reference documents are built into the Admissions Portal in a way that you only need to provide a name and email address for each of the individuals for them to receive the referral document.


After the application, forms, records, and fee have been received, TKA's Admission's Director will schedule a family interview with at least one parent and the student if he/she is in 7th-12th grade. TKA is a ministry to Christian families, so the interview gives the TKA administration the opportunity to share the school's vision and one of the parents the opportunity to share their testimony of salvation and desire for Christian education. The administration will also discuss school policies and answer any questions about procedures.


Students in 5K and 1st grade are tested in the summer for readiness for class placement. This test will be scheduled after the family interview. If standardized testing is not available for older students, the administration may require grade level testing by TKA staff to ensure appropriate placement. Please review TKA's acceptance policy for students with academic or behavioral concerns.


Upon successful completion of the previous steps, the student is considered accepted at The King's Academy.


Once accepted, the Enrollment Fee is due at the completion of the enrollment packet. This fee holds the student's place in a class. Like the Application Fee, Enrollment Fees are non-refundable and nontransferable.

Parents of students who are registered should become familiar with the tuition payment and enrollment deposit payment schedule. Information and forms needed prior to the new school year beginning will be made available on TKA's web site and through the online enrollment portal. In addition, the TKA staff is always available to answer any questions.

Contact the Admissions Office



Karen Holmes
The King's Academy 
1015 South Ebenezer Rd
Florence, SC 29501


843-661-7464 ext. 136




Important Dates:
  • Current Student Re-enrollment: January 29
  • Siblings of Current TKA Students Enrollment: February 5
  • Church Members of Trinity and Hoffmeyer Road Baptist: February 12
  • Open Enrollment: February 20

New Students may submit their New Student Application before these enrollment dates.