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PTF- Parent Teacher Fellowship


The purpose of the PTF is to connect parents, grandparents, and teachers in fellowship and to grow that relationship by serving in special events and projects throughout the year, as well as to secure the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education for our children and youth.  Below is a list of some things we were able to accomplish in 2019-2020 with your help, a list of our fundraisers last year, and some opportunities for you to get involved and be a part of this great organization.  


PTF Accomplishments for the 2019-2020 year with your help:

•    Provided lunch for all teachers and staff prior to school start
•    Provided and served refreshments for Grandparents' Day
•    Organized and supported Fall and Spring Pictures, Cap and Gown and Senior Portraits
•    Provided paper products for Thanksgiving feast
•    Provided gift cards for all teachers and staff for Christmas 
•    Paid out approximately $5,000 in teacher’s grants for the classrooms
•    Coordinated Room Moms for all grade levels
•    Purchased and delivered gift cards for Teacher Appreciation Week 


The following PTF fundraisers produced the income used to help with TKA projects.

  • Charleston Wrap
  • Butterbraids
  • World's Finest Chocolates
  • Fall/Spring/Senior/Class Pictures (Yes, these are fundraisers!)
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Merchant Participation (Harris Teeter)



What were the funds used for?
some of the projects that ptf undertook to support the life and ministry of tka last Year:
  • PTF Grants to faculty and staff to support students in their area including purchase and installation of the new water fountain in the gym
  • Donation to Annual Fund to cover budgeted expenses for I2/admin floor replacement, emergency exits D&E/E&F/K&L/L&M, outside trash can under the awning, toilet paper dispensers in gym bathrooms
  • Admin common area floor replacement/non AF expense
  • March 11 Porkchop Productions/community outreach
  • Labor and supplies/paint admin common areas
  • Hospitality (Grandparents Day, Thanksgiving Feast paper products, Pastries for Parents)
  • Staff/faculty gift cards (Christmas and Teacher Appreciation), Beginning of year luncheon
  • Campus beautification


How Can You Help?

•    The PTF always welcomes volunteers of every availability and skill. 
•    Please join the Harris Teeter rewards program, making sure your card is linked to “TKA”.
•     Download the Box Tops app on your phone, choose our school, and remember to use it every time you shop.
•    Support our fundraisers - This is how the PTF is able to impact the school.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

    - Lisa Pitsley (President) at (843)601-1124 or
    - Crystal DeFee (Vice President) at (843)601-2630 or 
    - Jennifer Hoover in the school office at (843)661-7464.