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TKA Athletics Vision



The King’s Academy is a Christian school where Jesus Christ is preeminent in all of our relationships and where His Word is our standard. The vision of The King’s Academy is “to produce academic, social, and physical excellence through a program where minds and hearts are coming fully alive in Christ.” At TKA, we seek to assist Christian families in developing godly young men and women through athletics in a distinctively Christian environment. Our athletic program’s mission is an extension of the TKA mission. Thus, the TKA athletic program is not a separate arena to be governed by the world’s standards. With this in mind, our goal is to promote Christ-like character through athletic excellence.


The purpose of athletics at The King’s Academy is to bring glory to God through striving for excellence in competition. TKA’s outstanding program offers students the opportunity to learn the skills of a sport, develop teamwork, and exhibit sportsmanship at all times.
The objective of the TKA Athletic Department is to produce student-athletes who:

1. Exhibit the character and transforming power of Christ as they mature into responsible and productive citizens (Matt. 5:16 and Gal. 5:22-23);

2. Work to fully advance their knowledge, skills, and tactics as athletes (Col 3:17 and II Tim. 2:5);

3. Contribute to a wholesome and God-honoring atmosphere of safety, fairness, ethics, respect, and fellowship at every TKA athletic event (I Cor. 10:31).



Through athletics at TKA, the goal is to teach a system of Christ-centered values that will extend beyond the arena of athletics and into every area of the athletes’ lives. The acronym “Lion Pride” helps our coaches and athletes remember what is most important.
L – Loyalty – to show faithfulness and devotion. As Christ followers, our first loyalty lies with Him. Our next loyalty is to be to our families, followed closely by loyalty to our school. We are all Lions!
I - Integrity – to do right no matter the outcome or the consequences. Said another way, integrity is how one acts when no one is watching.
O – One mind (Unity) – to work together to achieve a common goal is essential to success in athletics and in life. In other words, there is great value in sacrificing individual glory for the benefit of everyone involved: “Together we stand and divided we fall!”
N – Nurture – to care for and encourage the growth or development of the whole program. Each team should show support for, encourage, and serve one another. Older athletes should model Christian virtues and maturity to positively nurture the younger athletes. 
P – Pledge (Commitment) –to be dedicated to the cause of TKA Athletics. We gauge our level of commitment by what it takes to stop us. Quitting is NEVER an option!
R – Respect – to show esteem and high regard to the coaches, opponents, officials, teammates, fans, and everyone that we encounter. Always strive to put others ahead of self.
I - Involvement - to be involved with or to participate in something. This involvement goes beyond casual activity to personal, spiritual and emotional associations with others.
D – Discipline – to learn to manage our bodies, our time, and our resources. Self-control, diligence, and persistence are all characteristics of discipline.
E – Excellence – to strive for excellence in everything we do! Excellence results as we put our other core values into practice. As we practice lives of character, the result is excellence!




The King's Academy Lions are members of the South Carolina Independent Schools Association.




Every student's health and immunization record needs to be current and on file at the school. To participate in any team sport both a SCISA pre-participation health assessment signed by a parent, and a SCISA medical examination form completed and signed by a physician must be turned in before the first practice.  


NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulates many college athletic programs. The NCAA has established rules on eligibility, recruiting, and financial aid. There are three membership divisions within the NCAA - Division I, Division II, and Division III. Institutions are members of one or another division according to the size and scope of their athletic programs and whether they provide athletic scholarships. The King's Academy qualifies for Division III. If you are planning to enroll in college as a freshman and you wish to participate in Division I or Division II athletics, you must be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. You should plan to start the certification process early, usually the end of your junior year in high school. Contact TKA Guidance Counselor Karen Holmes at or call 843-661-7464 for an application.

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