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At TKA, our elementary school offers a challenging, Christ-centered academic program for ages 4K through 6th grade. Our elementary teachers hold degrees in their field(s) and they are ACSI certified (or are working toward certification). In addition to our classroom teachers, we are blessed to have teacher assistants to help meet the needs of our students. Elementary teachers and assistants participate in professional development and continuing education each year to strengthen our program in areas such as biblical integration and biblical worldview, as well as Bible study and academic subject areas. Teachers provide classroom environments designed to meet a variety of learning needs, styles, and modalities. Our program is focused upon ministering to each student, making them feel safe and secure, helping our students recognize and explore their God-given strengths and abilities, guiding them to grow through successes and failures, and allowing for individualized help with challenges they face. Each grade level offers opportunities for students to learn "outside of the box" by attending field trips and participating in outreach mission ministries to extend learning beyond the classroom. This gives students a chance to serve and explore the world around them and includes overnight trips for our upper elementary.  

In addition to academics, we acknowledge the need for students to learn socially while they grow physically, so our daily schedules provide these types of developmental opportunities during outdoor recesses several times per day. Chapel takes place once per week for the entire elementary, where students worship together through prayer, music, praise dance, and Bible study interspersed with fun and games!  During our regular school day, students in 4K through 6th also have an opportunity to explore further talents from the Lord as they attend the following related arts classes weekly:  computer, Spanish, library, art, physical education, and music/chorus. In correlation with these and other classroom activities, our students are enabled and encouraged to participate in additional extra-curricular events, such as school athletics, music and art festivals, spelling bees, academic challenge meets, etc.   
It is our desire that students would acknowledge and embrace their identity and worth in Christ Jesus and have a saving relationship with Him. At The King’s Academy, elementary children will learn from a distinctly biblical perspective about the world, each other, and themselves…all in an effort for every student to know God, make Him known to others, and bring Him honor and glory. With that in mind, we offer a loving, nurturing environment where students work hard, play hard, PRAY hard, and learn to serve God and others!