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The Board of Trustees

The TKA Board of Trustees consists of 11 voting (elected or appointed) volunteer members.  One of these is an elder appointed by the Session of Trinity Evangelical Presbyterian Church (TEPC).  One is a deacon appointed by the Diaconate of TEPC.  Of the nine at-large members, no less than five must be members of TEPC.  Up to four may be non-TEPC members who have children enrolled at TKA.  All trustees serve three-year terms.  These terms of service are arranged so that 1/3 of the trustees will rotate off the board each year.  Trustees are permitted to serve for three consecutive terms.

The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to set the spiritual and academic vision for the school, to hire the head of school, and to ensure the fiscal soundness of the school.  The head of school is responsible for oversight of all daily operations of the school.

Please pray for the following people as they serve the school on the board for the 2018-2019 school year.

To email board members, use the following email address:

Click here for a directory of the current board members.

Richard Alexander (Chairman)
Non-Trinity Trustee, TKA Parent

Beth McClary (Vice-Chair)
Non-Trinity Trustee, TKA Parent

Laura Hunt (Secretary)
Trinity Trustee, TKA Parent

Paul John (Treasurer)
Appointed Trinity Deacon Representative, TKA Parent

Steve Bridges 
Trinity Trustee, Alumni Parent

Scott Barlowe
Appointed Trinity Session Representative, TKA Parent

Scott Shelley
Non-Trinity Trustee, TKA Parent

Penny Cauley
Non-Trinity Trustee, TKA Parent

Aaron Fox
Non-Trinity Trustee, TKA Parent

Diane Smith
Trinity Trustee

Allison Clarke
Trinity Trustee, TKA Parent

Diane Creveling
Member Emeritus