The TKA Curriculum:

The Word of God is the lens through which we view all instruction, and our teachers are the living curriculum in each classroom. Textbooks, technology, and other instructional materials are simply resources used to assist in educating and training our students as they develop a biblical world view. 

After careful evaluation, we have chosen instructional materials from a variety of publishers. Textbooks are reviewed on a multi-year basis, and new publishers may be selected based on the quality and accuracy of academic content and availability of supplemental resources.

Amsco Publication
AVKO Educational Research Foundation
Bob Jones Press
Clairmont Press
Holy, Thinehart and Winston
Houghton Mifflin
MacMillan/McGraw Hill
Positive Action for Christ
Purposeful Design
Science and Technology for Children
Silver Burdette & Ginn
W.W. Norton for English 3 and 4
Wadsworth Cengage for AP Lit





Bible Curriculum

The King's Academy uses scripture as the foundation for all Bible classes. Each student will study a Bible curriculum. Students attending TKA come from over 50 different local churches.

The staff represents over 30 different churches. If a question that reflects a denominational difference arises, the staff will answer the question in line with the literal interpretation of the scripture and then encourage the student to talk to their parent or pastor.

In keeping with scripture that teaches us to hide God's Word in our hearts that we might not sin against Him, scripture memorization is an important aspect of the training at TKA. Each week, the students are required to memorize a scripture. Parents are encouraged to review the scripture with their child. Weekly scriptures can be found on the TKA Weekly Sheet and the website.

Fine Arts Curriculum

TKA has an outstanding Fine Arts Department that includes drama, music and art. The program seeks to provide opportunities for every student who desires to participate.

The goal of TKA's Fine Arts Department is to encourage and strengthen students' gifts and talents, to acknowledge that their talents are from the Lord, and to encourage students to use these talents to God's glory.

The Annual Christmas Program involves students in the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

Spring Music and Fine Arts Festival involves students in the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.



In addition to their academic program, a variety of enrichment programs are offered to students.

Students in the Elementary grades (1st -6th)  take Physical Education, Art, Music, Spanish, Computer, and Library once a week. 

In addition to these classes, students in Middle School are offered electives in Needlework, Spanish, Art, PE, Chorus, Outdoor Activities, Keyboarding, and Youth in Government. Students in High School are offered electives in Art, Drama, Yearbook, Teacher Cadet, Youth in Government, SAT Prep, Life Skills, Leadership, Chorus, Praise Band, Literature and Film, and Dual Enrollment through Francis Marion University.


Reading is emphasized through a collection of over 10,000 titles in the library, and the Accelerated Reading program is available to all students. Click here to visit the library page.


Discovery Program

TKA offers the Discovery Program as an intervention for students with learning disabilities.

CLICK HERE to visit the Discovery area.